Gratitude is my attitude

Did you know that gratitude and goals can go hand in hand?

Gratitude is such a powerful tool that most people don’t use on a daily basis, but I highly recommend it.

I actually credit my gratitude practice with everything I have accomplished since becoming a stay at home Mom, like filming a documentary about domestic violence.

Two years ago I started a gratitude & goals journal (thank you @thestarttodaybrand ) and as cheesy as it sounds, it completely changed my life. It changed how I approached each day and it made me focus on what my goals were on a daily basis.

I wrote down "I filmed a documentary," every single day for a year. Writing that simple phrase down every single day led to me actually working toward that goal.

Even when I was covered in baby spit up and functioning on just a couple hours of sleep, I still didn’t put my goals on the back burner, because I was actively writing them down and thinking about them every single morning while I drank my coffee.

And, rather than being frustrated that I had baby spit up all over me and hadn’t slept the night before, I was in such a grateful mindset that I was just so thankful to have two healthy boys and the privilege to stay home with them.

So, if you are waking up in a funk every day, I suggest writing down simple things you are grateful for and goals you want to work toward, not just one day, but every single day.

I swear by this practice because it led to me and my team filming a documentary in January 2020. It has also led to me earning a legitimate paycheck from my skincare business. And, soon enough it will have led to me becoming a certified Whole30 Coach.

Gratitude & Goals Baby! Try it out, it just might change your life.