Hi! So Glad You're Here.

I'm Madison. I'm a domestic violence survivor and I'm on a mission to help women remember who they were before kids, marriage and trauma through all forms of self care. 

I am a former television anchor, reporter and weather forecaster. I am currently working on a documentary about intimate partner violence. You can learn more about that on Instagram @madtruth_productions


The more I started to share about my life, my mental health struggles and my story of survival, it became clear that I should learn how to build a web site that could help other women on their trauma recovery journey. 

I live by this quote these days, "Tell the story of what you overcame. It could become someone else's survival guide."


So, here I am with my story hoping it helps you find your way. 

My life now, looks very different than it did 6 years ago.

6 years ago I didn't want to be alive anymore.

I finally got help. I called a hotline at 3am. And, you can too!



You will find me sharing the things that have worked for me and my mental health journey.

If you think they will work for you too, that’s amazing, but don’t beat yourself up if my way, isn’t your way. 

Everyone’s journey is different! 


I have a lot of passions and that’s because they have truly changed my life.


I’m studying to become a certified Whole30 coach because it’s a lifestyle that has kept my mental health in check and helped me completely stop taking antidepressants. (I share a lot of yummy recipes in my Instagram stories @themadisonvandyne)


I am also your skincare lady because I love washing my face (easiest form of self care, if you ask me) and my business funds the documentary about domestic violence. I share some skincare hacks, I don’t claim to be a pro, but I do love my company and the doctors who created it.


And finally, but definitely not least, I’m a Mom to two boys and happily married to an Army National Guard Pilot.